at Atlantic Training Insitute

To avoid any delay or inconveniences please review all of the requirements below and ensure you have everything ready in order to submit your application at Atlantic Training Institute.

What you need to apply for our study programmes:

A) Application fees (non-refundable)

  1. Normal application fee (N$200)
  2. Late application fee (N$250)
  3. Attach the original deposit slip to the application form upon submission.

B) Registration fees (non-refundable)

  1. Registration Fee (N$2,000)
  2. Late Registration (N$2,500)

C) Other documents required for this application

  1. Certified copies of ID/Passport/ (Birth Certificate if the applicant has not yet received an ID)
  2. One recent passport photo
  3. Certified copies of all your academic certificate(s) /results.
  4. Application fee deposit
  5. Original official translation of the foreign qualification – if in a foreign language other than English
  6. NQA Evaluation letter ( only for International Qualification)
  7. Copy of School Results
  8. All details for next of kin/guardians/parents
  9. All details for the person responsible for the payment