Short courses

Browse through the shot courses offered at ATI:

First Aid (Class A)

Duration: 3 days
Costs: N$1,200 (Once-Off)

Emergency Care (Basic)

Requirements: Grade 10 with a minimum of 23 points, Grade 11 or 12 with a minimum of 18 points in six subjects with an E or F symbol in English.

Emergency Care (Intermediate)

Requirements: Certificate in Emergency Care Practitioner-Basic

Occupational Health & Safety

Duration: 3 days
Costs: N$1,200 (Once-Off)

Basic Firefighting

Duration: 1 day
Costs: N$1,200 (Once-Off)

Working At Height

Duration: 2 days
Costs: N$1,200 (Once-Off)

First Aid, Basic Firefighting & OHS 5+ same company

Duration: As stated above
Costs: N$750 (Once-Off)